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Andrew is CEO of Money Crashers, a top banking and cards website designed to educate its readers in making fruitful and discerning decisions.

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Giving to Charity This Holiday Season? Eight Tips for Doing It the Right Way

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Maximize your efforts by following these expert-recommended tips. The holidays are, naturally, a time of giving — a time when people look to show gratitude for and to others by giving gifts or donating their money or time. It’s often when individuals look to donate funds to their favorite charities or special causes that are important to them. But is it as simple as writing a check?  Unfortunately, it may not always be that easy, as scammers can be especially active during this season, looking to take advantage of those with the best intentions. Further, there may be certain tax benefits or strategies you may not have considered that can maximize your giving efforts. Below, eight financial leaders from Kiplinger Advisor Collective share their insights on charitable giving during the holiday season as well as the best tips you should know to ensure you’re doing it the right way.

How Leveraging Tech Tools Can Improve Your Financial Management and Literacy

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Here’s why technology can be one of the best guides for your financial journey. In the vast world of finance, there are plenty of resources claiming to help educate you, guide you toward the quickest path to wealth and set you up for a financially stable retirement — with some of those resources more helpful than others. However, some of the most useful tools in finance, especially today, involve technology. From simple budgeting apps to online banking to AI chatbots and robo-advisers, technology has the potential to act as a powerful tool and guide on your wealth-building journey. But while technology and tech-based financial tools continue to improve and grow more advanced each day, some people remain skeptical of using tech to manage something so important to their lives. Others simply aren’t aware of the benefits these platforms and tools can provide them with. Below, six financial leaders and members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective share their expertise by outlining some of the ways in which leveraging financial technology and tools can help you not only improve your financial management but your overall financial literacy as well.

Six Ways to Earn High Returns While Managing Your Investment Risk

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Investing can be a risky business, but with the right strategy, it doesn’t have to be.Naturally, any investor hopes for high returns on their investments. However, achieving those high returns can often involve setting aside one’s usual tolerance for risk and making a move which could pay off big or could result in big consequences. Conversely, managing your risk may mean making investments that will provide a lower return but will also provide you with a sense of stability and steadiness helpful for building a secure future. But making money as an investor doesn’t necessarily have to involve major risk-taking. What’s needed is a balance between the desire for high returns and the need for safe portfolio diversification and risk management.  To achieve such a balance, consider the following advice from the financial and investment experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective. Below, they offer up their best tips for making money while maintaining a strategy that helps you avoid unnecessary risks.

Experts Share the Real Estate Investing Trends They're Seeing Now

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Deciding how to invest in real estate can sometimes seem complex and overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what’s hot and what’s not. So we at asked some of the financial experts among our Building Wealth contributors and Kiplinger Advisor Collective members to answer, in a few sentences, this question: What is one current trend in real estate investing, and how can investors take advantage of it? Their responses range from checking out online real estate investing platforms, to exploring tax-advantaged qualified opportunity zones, to keeping an eye on the debt issues of commercial real estate. Or maybe you might be interested in owning some rental property that you can also use as a vacation home. Wherever your real estate interests may lie, there’s bound to be a tip here that could snag your interest.

Seven Expert Tips for Managing Your Retirement Savings in a Volatile Market

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It’s not uncommon during periods of high market volatility to feel worried about the future and to consider making rash financial moves in order to safeguard your savings and investments. This can be especially true when it comes to your retirement savings, as this is the money you’ve set aside for living expenses once you’ve reached retirement age and are no longer working. The move you make here, however, could be the difference between a secure retirement and a major loss of financial safety.  Before you take any action, consider the following advice from the financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective. Here, they discuss their top strategies for managing your retirement savings during a volatile market and ensuring you plan accordingly for your future.

Six Factors to Consider Before Choosing Your Financial Adviser

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Not only can a financial adviser help you align your money with your future goals, but they can also provide a certain peace of mind that lets you be sure your money is working for you instead of against you. But not all financial advisers are created equal, and not all are going to be a good fit for you and your goals. So before you narrow down your list, consider the following factors suggested by the financial and investment experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective to be sure your potential pick has your best interests in mind.

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