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How Can I Prepare for an Unexpected Financial Emergency?

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Oh, the dreaded financial emergency. It crops up when you least expect it — usually late on a Friday, right? That’s when our options for resolving the issue are the most limited, whether its air conditioning on the fritz (an especially big concern during all these heat waves) or a plumbing disaster. We’re left scrambling to both secure expert help and pay for it. Or maybe you have an unexpected medical bill or lose your job. What can you do to make ends meet? While there’s no way to know what’s going to happen or take steps, beyond the usual preventive ones, to head it off, you can at least be prepared in other ways. To find out what our options could be during a financial emergency, we at asked some of the financial experts among our Building Wealth contributors and Kiplinger Advisor Collective members to answer this question: How can I best prepare for unexpected financial emergencies, such as job loss, medical bills or major home repairs?

Bucket Budgeting: An Easy Way To Manage Cash Flow


If you’re looking for a place to start better managing your finances, give this simple “bucket budgeting” method a try.

A Guide to Debt: Good vs Bad and Tips to Better Manage It


Debt might help or hurt your long-term finances, so be mindful of its use.

10 Promising Sectors for Growth and Investment (Even in the Current Economic Climate)

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While talks of a recession, mass job layoffs and housing market uncertainty may be making would-be investors timid when it comes to investing in the current economic climate, in any market, there will always be those industries which continue to thrive and innovate despite any obstacles. Driven by cultural and consumer needs and interests, these promising sectors remain ripe for growth and investment.  As leaders in the finance and investment community, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective have a few thoughts of their own when it comes to promising industries in today’s economy. Here, they share their top sectors for growth and investment—from cybersecurity to energy transition and various industries in between—and why they believe these areas show so much potential.

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