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I work with individuals who want unbiased financial advice. I provide education, analysis, & coaching to help you reach your financial goals. WHO I WORK WITH: Women and men in their late 40s to early 70s with very low debt want more information about how their assets are invested and why. Often, they are also looking at long-range goals and expectations and would like a more in-depth analysis of how, when, and why they will take distributions. ▣ Individuals planning for retirement ▣ Entrepreneurs ▣ Individuals Beginning Financial Planning ▣ Retirees SERVICES OFFERED: ▣ Financial Planning for your next transition. Best strategies for your expected income needs ▣ Investment Advice HOW I WORK AS AN INDEPENDENT ADVISOR: As a fee-only advisor, you and I consider your specific situation and your needs, wants and wishes. We look at your level of financial literacy and work to increase it. We look at your concept of risk and your tolerance to volatility. We then can clearly focus on solutions that are in your best interest. I can structure our work together in several ways. 1. The initial financial plan. We will put together a plan, and I will be available to that end for a period of three months. 2. The initial plan, and then monthly and/or quarterly follow-ups on an annual basis. 3. I can manage your investment assets for a fee based on AUM. My fees (your investment) is based on your specific situation, the complexity involved and the times frame. MY BACKGROUND: Prior to earning my MBA, CFP, and becoming a Investment Advisor Representative,, I worked in the film industry. I learned at an early age the importance of investing my money. In the film industry, your income can be very unstable. I have been investing my own money since I started working professionally in my twenties. I have found managing my own assets very rewarding and profitable. love helping others reach their financial dreams and goals by sharing my expertise in a way that is transparent and objective. As a fee-only advisor, I am held to a fiduciary standard that requires advisors to consider only what is in my client’s best interest. On a personal note, I enjoy writing and have published two books available on Amazon. My husband and I have grown children and now, two small dogs. My husband and I share our time between Los Angeles, CA, St George Utah and Hawaii. ✍️ ⌨ 818-437-0076 Book an initial complimentary INVESTMENT ADVICE PROVIDED THROUGH THE INVESTOR'S FIDUCIARY ADVISOR NETWORK, LLC. Investor's Fiduciary Advisor Network, LLC, is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Taking even just one of these steps can set you on a better path toward financial success. Financial surprises often seem to crop up at the most inopportune times — your car breaks down, you have an unexpected medical bill, your air conditioner needs to be replaced. All of these situations, paired with poor money habits or a lack of financial planning, can create a major hole in your budget, leaving you feeling scared or anxious about how you’re going to climb back out. But whether you have unexpected expenses, you spend above your means or you feel like you’re behind on saving for retirement, the key to finding stability is intention. Here, the financial and investment experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective walk through the steps anyone can take right now to start building a more financially stable future and why doing so is key to living the life you want. 

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Would you have made different decisions with the knowledge you have now? There’s certainly no shortage of financial advice out there — from family, friends, colleagues, experts and pseudo-experts alike. Some advice is born out of experience while other tips are based on the latest data or trends. Regardless of where it comes from, however, good financial advice at the right time can be critical to how well you succeed with money throughout your life. Unfortunately, good advice can sometimes come later than you’d like it to, which means you sometimes may reflect back, thinking about how your life could be different had you known then what you know now. The financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective are no different, and here, they each discuss the one piece of financial advice they wish someone had given them a long time ago and why.

Seven Big Mistakes People Make When It Comes to Estate Planning

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You don’t want to leave planning your legacy until the last minute. It can be difficult to put a value on a lifetime of accumulation — your money, your home, its furnishings, souvenirs from vacations, treasured gifts from your family. It’s a joy to collect these items over the years, but too few consider what will happen to it all when they’re no longer around.  From your life savings, to your digital assets, to what will happen to any beloved pets — all these things must be considered when estate planning. And while a qualified professional can help guide you through the process, there are still some mistakes people commonly make along the way. As leaders in the financial space, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective have seen numerous mistakes made by well-intentioned people who maybe just didn’t have the right information at their disposal. So here, they discuss those common mistakes and the advice they would give instead to ensure the estate planning process is a smooth one for all involved.

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