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My jam is learning people's stories and aspirations to help them achieve financial success. I'm a husband, son, brother, and expectant father, and I appreciate vinyl records. Secondly, I'm an award-winning financial advisor with a Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning. All are focused on advancing the human condition through financial advice and education. I understand what it takes to balance life and finances properly because I've been there before. My mission is to help others find a harmonious Life Money Balance® – one that reflects their goals and aspirations, living for their current and future. Concurrent was founded on my personal story of aspiration and a journey of trial, triumph, transitions, and transformation. Life has seasons, and an early career triumph at 28 was quickly met with a shameful failure. Twelve years ago, I declared personal bankruptcy and took some time to pay off my debts. I lost homeownership due to mismanagement of my finances. Years of lukewarm professional progress and emotional self-destruction followed, which I call "the fog years." During this season of the trial were seven years of discovery. Life and money needed direction. In fact, they were going in opposite directions—misalignment of values and identity. At the culmination of this season, I had gotten used to darkness so dark that darkness was where I thought I belonged. Devoid of light. However, seasons change. And so did my life aspirations. The seasons informed and activated my Life Money Balance®.

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11 Mindsets That May Actually Be Hurting Your Financial Progress

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To change your finances, you’ll first need to change your thinking. The way people think about money can have a greater impact on their financial success than they may think. Whether it’s the way you were raised or a belief that you have come to over time, the mindset that you develop around your finances has a direct influence on the actions you take with money and your behaviors surrounding it. These beliefs can be positive or negative, truthful or a lie — but how can you tell the difference? Below, the financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective list out some of the most common money mindsets people have that may actually be hurting their progress with money, detailing not only the reasons why but also how they can change and finally get their finances in order.

Six Benefits to Setting Up a Trust for Your Assets

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Don’t leave your legacy up to someone else. While the main focus of your wealth-building journey may naturally be building up your wealth, it’s equally important to determine what to do with it once you have it. Whether you’re planning to give it away upon your death or would like to give some away while you’re still alive, planning for either situation can help you ensure your hard-earned wealth is distributed how you’d like, to whom you’d like and when. A common solution for wealth distribution is a will. A will offers you the opportunity to describe how you would like your assets distributed upon your passing; however, another popular solution is a trust, which allows you to direct the distribution of your wealth while you're still alive. While both are great solutions depending on your goals, a trust can have other benefits you may want to consider. Below, the financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective outline six additional benefits of trusts and why putting your assets into a trust may be the best solution for you.

Seven Steps to Start Your Child Off on the Right Financial Foot

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s financial future. When you’re a new parent, you have a lot on your plate. Between learning how to care for your child’s physical and emotional needs and adapting your life around your new family member, you’re also trying to consider their future and what you may need to do now to help get them started on the best path to success. One area that may draw your attention is their future financial security. What habits will they need to develop in order to have a healthy relationship with money? What steps can you take while they’re young to prepare them for the expenses of the future? These questions can feel overwhelming, especially while you’re still adjusting to parenthood, but even simple steps can have a big impact. According to the financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, the following seven steps are a good place to start. Below, they outline each one  and why taking each particular step will ensure your child is on the right trajectory for a successful financial future.

Nine Common Wealth-Building Mistakes You Might Be Making

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Small mistakes can have a big impact over time. Opportunities abound when it comes to making money. But while there are numerous paths for building wealth, there are just as many paths for making a mistake. And not all mistakes are so obvious. If you’re making or saving more and more money year after year, you’re succeeding in building wealth—right? While this thinking is technically correct, you could be making the process more complicated than it needs to be or are missing out on vital opportunities to build wealth smarter and faster. Here, nine financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective dive deeper on some of the most common wealth-building mistakes that people make and what they would advise people do differently to maximize their wealth-building potential.

Six Ways to Ensure Your Business Is Ready Come Tax Time

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Proper preparation throughout the year will keep you from getting caught off guard when payments are due. It’s the one time of year that causes particular financial anxiety for any income-earning individual: tax time. Whether it’s the often confusing, tedious chore of gathering information for your tax preparer or the dread of not knowing whether you will earn a return or have to pay in that year, preparing for tax time can be stressful for many — even business owners. Unlike for individual taxpayers, tax time for business owners doesn’t necessarily occur just once a year. This means business owners need to be organized and meticulous with their finances throughout the year if they want to ensure they’re ready when taxes come due. But what exactly does that entail? What steps do they need to take to prepare? The financial and tax experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective weigh in with their answers below. Here, they discuss the six steps you’ll need to take if you want to be properly prepared for tax time, reduce your anxiety around taxes and ensure your business thrives throughout the year.

Seven Financial Strategies Your Business Should Implement This Year

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It's not too late to start working on these key business goals. Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, setting goals for you and your business at the start of the year can give your team direction and a sense of purpose that they can use to motivate them throughout the year. Improving customer engagement, increasing sales or fine-tuning operational systems are all worthwhile goals to set, and will likely have a positive impact on your company; however, there are several other financially focused goals that could have a similar impact. According to the experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, implementing one or more of the following seven goals can help ensure your business is functioning at its best and ready for any hurdles it may face. No matter whether you set these goals at the start of the new year or a few months down the line, your business can benefit from better financial preparedness.

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