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John is a Co-Founder of HomeZada, a personal finance software platform dedicated to empowering homeowners to save money and improve value of their residential real estate assets. John was previously a Co-Founder and President of Meridian Systems, a leading construction project management software company. John helped guide the company from bootstrapped startup, to a profitable business, raising both venture and corporate venture funding, growing to a global business with eventually a successful exit to a public company. John previously held various project management positions and has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.


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May 31st, 2023

Five Key Financial Aspects to Managing Your Home

Homeowners should manage and track these home finance categories.

May 15th, 2023

11 Smart Ways to Use Your Graduation Money (According to Financial Experts)

When high school or college graduation day comes, you’re likely relishing the moment, caught up in the excitement of reaching a major milestone and starting a new chapter in your life — You’re likely not thinking about how to invest your money for the future. However, after the celebration is over and you’re ready to take your next step, it’s wise to consider what you’ll do with any monetary gifts you received and how those gifts can help jump-start this next phase of life.



HomeZada is a personal finance / fintech platform for consumers to manage, maintain, protect, improve and eventually sell their largest asset and biggest expense, their home. HomeZada has pioneered this "digital home management" market by combining multiple apps, content, data and AI into a single platform that empowers homeowners to save money, get organized, and improve the value of their residential real estate assets. HomeZada is also a customer engagement and marketing platform for financial services, insurance, real estate and home improvement companies to engage their homeowner clients to build loyalty, increase renewals, and market additional products to homeowners.


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Financial Technology (Fintech)