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Six Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Major Purchase

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If you want to get ahead with money, it’s important to think before you buy. Making the decision to spend your hard-earned cash should be worthy of more than just a passing thought — especially when it comes to big purchases. And yet, people make impulse purchases every day, whether it’s a cute blouse, the latest smartphone or even a new car. Often driven by instant gratification or the subconscious (or conscious) desire to impress others, these purchases can be damaging to your overall financial health if you’re not in the right place to make them. Learning to take a step back and reflect before making a big purchase is essential to getting ahead financially and not saddling yourself with debt or furthering negative patterns of behavior. But how can you go about changing these behaviors, especially if shopping in this way is something you’ve been doing for a long time? To start, ask yourself the following six questions, as recommended by the financial leaders of Kiplinger Advisor Collective. Below, they explain why these particular questions are so vital to ask before making a major purchase and how they can help you make better buying decisions in the future.

10 Steps for Having Better Money Conversations With Your Spouse

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The way you approach these conversations can set the stage for your whole relationship — for better or worse. Money and finances can be a truly divisive topic, and nowhere is this more true than with romantic partners. With differing spending and saving habits, economic backgrounds, values or beliefs around money, couples may find it difficult to get on the same page when it comes to their finances. In some cases, disagreements around money may even lead couples to break up or divorce. In this way, it’s vital couples have conversations about money early on to set a better foundation for their financial future together. However, ensuring you’re having these conversations the right way — without them turning into arguments — is key to your success. To offer their guidance, 10 financial experts from Kiplinger Advisor Collective each share one piece of advice they’d give to a couple about how to approach money conversations in a better way and work together to accomplish their financial goals.

New to Investing? Six Expert Tips for How to Do It Smartly

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The key to smart investing is to first equip yourself with the right knowledge. For the average person, investing can seem like an intimidating concept. “How do I figure out what to invest in?” “How much should I invest, and how often?” “What are the best accounts to open up?” “What happens if I lose all my money?” These are just some of the questions aspiring investors are likely to ask, but getting answers isn’t always so straightforward. Those attempting to invest without any knowledge of how to do so have the potential to set themselves up for grave financial mistakes in the future. In this way, it’s critical new investors take care before making any decisions or setting any investment goals. But whether someone just wants to dabble in investing or they’re ready to make some more aggressive moves, they should first consider the advice of financial and investment experts. As such, the leaders of Kiplinger Advisor Collective have some sage advice for newbie investors. Below, they each offer one tip that individuals new to investing may not know about how to do it smartly, and why they would so strongly advise taking these cautionary steps before taking any major financial ones.

10 Promising Sectors for Growth and Investment (Even in the Current Economic Climate)

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While talks of a recession, mass job layoffs and housing market uncertainty may be making would-be investors timid when it comes to investing in the current economic climate, in any market, there will always be those industries which continue to thrive and innovate despite any obstacles. Driven by cultural and consumer needs and interests, these promising sectors remain ripe for growth and investment.  As leaders in the finance and investment community, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective have a few thoughts of their own when it comes to promising industries in today’s economy. Here, they share their top sectors for growth and investment—from cybersecurity to energy transition and various industries in between—and why they believe these areas show so much potential.

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