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Seven Financial Strategies Your Business Should Implement This Year

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It's not too late to start working on these key business goals. Whether you’re new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, setting goals for you and your business at the start of the year can give your team direction and a sense of purpose that they can use to motivate them throughout the year. Improving customer engagement, increasing sales or fine-tuning operational systems are all worthwhile goals to set, and will likely have a positive impact on your company; however, there are several other financially focused goals that could have a similar impact. According to the experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, implementing one or more of the following seven goals can help ensure your business is functioning at its best and ready for any hurdles it may face. No matter whether you set these goals at the start of the new year or a few months down the line, your business can benefit from better financial preparedness.

Seven Tips These Experts Recommend if You Fear Capital Gains Taxes

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Don’t let the fear of taxes prevent you from becoming an investor. Whether it’s in real estate or the stock market, investing can be an exciting way to make more money. The gains you make on those investments can help fund further investments, help you save for a project you’re taking on or even contribute to your retirement. However, many people are nervous to invest because of the potential capital gains taxes they’ll have to pay — or the taxes owed on any profit made on the sale of a particular investment. According to the financial and investment experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, however, fear of capital gains taxes shouldn’t keep you from investing. Below, they explain why that is, as well as discuss their best advice for managing that fear and minimizing any capital gains taxes you may incur throughout your life.

Seven Accounts These Experts Recommend for an Ideal Retirement Plan

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Choosing the right account for your needs is a great first step to kick-starting your retirement savings. Saving for retirement is an important step for anyone who hopes to stop working after a certain age. However, while many people understand the importance of retirement savings as part of their financial journey, they may not always understand the best way to go about it. Though putting your retirement savings into a standard savings account may seem like an easy option, several other, more advantageous accounts exist that can help you reach your retirement goals faster — and may help you avoid more taxes down the line. But which account is right for you? When offering advice and discussing options with their own clients, the financial leaders of Kiplinger Advisor Collective have a few favorites in mind. Below, they go over seven different accounts you can choose from to kick-start your retirement savings, and why they recommend these solutions to anyone looking into their ideal retirement plan.

Giving to Charity This Holiday Season? Eight Tips for Doing It the Right Way

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Maximize your efforts by following these expert-recommended tips. The holidays are, naturally, a time of giving — a time when people look to show gratitude for and to others by giving gifts or donating their money or time. It’s often when individuals look to donate funds to their favorite charities or special causes that are important to them. But is it as simple as writing a check?  Unfortunately, it may not always be that easy, as scammers can be especially active during this season, looking to take advantage of those with the best intentions. Further, there may be certain tax benefits or strategies you may not have considered that can maximize your giving efforts. Below, eight financial leaders from Kiplinger Advisor Collective share their insights on charitable giving during the holiday season as well as the best tips you should know to ensure you’re doing it the right way.

Financial Experts Weigh In on Six Questions You Might Have About Robo-Advisers

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Could this technology lead you toward financial success? In this current world of artificial intelligence and tech-first solutions, even the financial industry is seeing new advancements in technology. Robo-advisers are just one of those solutions, leveraging financial data and complex algorithms to provide investment suggestions and financial advice — all without a human touch. While this technology is certainly not a recent innovation, increasing interest in convenience, speed and overall ease of use has brought robo-advisers to the forefront of the collective conversation. But is a robo-adviser right for you?  This is just one of the many questions you may have when considering robo-advisers. Here, to offer some clarity, six financial experts from Kiplinger Advisor Collective answer common questions the public may have when it comes to robo-advisers and whether or not they are the right solution for their financial needs.

How Leveraging Tech Tools Can Improve Your Financial Management and Literacy

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Here’s why technology can be one of the best guides for your financial journey. In the vast world of finance, there are plenty of resources claiming to help educate you, guide you toward the quickest path to wealth and set you up for a financially stable retirement — with some of those resources more helpful than others. However, some of the most useful tools in finance, especially today, involve technology. From simple budgeting apps to online banking to AI chatbots and robo-advisers, technology has the potential to act as a powerful tool and guide on your wealth-building journey. But while technology and tech-based financial tools continue to improve and grow more advanced each day, some people remain skeptical of using tech to manage something so important to their lives. Others simply aren’t aware of the benefits these platforms and tools can provide them with. Below, six financial leaders and members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective share their expertise by outlining some of the ways in which leveraging financial technology and tools can help you not only improve your financial management but your overall financial literacy as well.

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