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Saving for Retirement? Six Moves That Can Derail Your Success

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Steering clear of these mistakes will save you a lot of regret once you reach retirement age. Saving for retirement is one of the most important aspects of managing your finances, and getting started can be as simple as signing up for your company’s 401(k) program. But while setting aside money to live on after you retire from work may seem straightforward, there are definitely still some mistakes you can make along the way.  Some of those mistakes may have little to no effect on your overall savings strategy, but others — like putting off saving too long in favor of other goals or following a plan ill-suited to your unique situation — can have a major impact on the amount of money you’re able to save or the amount of taxes you’ll have to pay once you’re of retirement age.  To provide some guidance and shed light on the do’s and don’ts of retirement savings, the financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective each discuss one thing someone should never do while saving for retirement, and why doing so can ultimately derail your success.

Eight High-Growth Sectors Every Leader and Investor Should Have on Their Radar

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Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just dabbling in the financial world, you’re likely looking for the “next big thing” to put your money toward. There are a number of promising opportunities to choose from, but as financial leaders and advisers in this space, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective suggest that these eight sectors have high growth potential now and in the future. From sustainable options such as green energy to evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, these sectors are growing in both popularity and necessity — meaning early investments now could equal major returns later on.

Should Graduates Spend or Save Their Gift Money? 14 Strategies to Consider

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While graduating from school is a major milestone in your life, it's not the last big step you'll take in the months ahead. Preparing yourself for your future can take any number of pathways depending on your specific goals. But whether you'll be buying a new car, saving up for a home or delving into the stock market, there are a few key financial steps you can take that will help you achieve success. As noted leaders in the financial space, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective recommend taking one or more of the following actions with any money you may have received as a graduation gift. Doing so will help you start adulthood—and your financial future—off on the right foot.

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