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Seven Steps Couples Should Take Before Blending Their Finances

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Getting on the same page now can ensure you remain successful throughout your relationship. Whether you’re a few months or a few years into a relationship, talking with your partner about money can sometimes feel awkward. You may have different goals for your money or different behaviors regarding spending and saving, and these differences can sometimes be the catalyst for arguments you aren’t sure how to solve. For couples who choose to blend their finances, getting on the same page about money is even more vital to long-term success. For your finances to work as one, you and your partner must work as one — and, according to the financial experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, follow these seven key steps. Below, they elaborate on each step, explaining why having meaningful discussions and ensuring you each have a stake in the game will not only make you stronger financially but as a couple as well.

Nine Steps You Can Take Right Now to Build a More Financially Stable Future

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Taking even just one of these steps can set you on a better path toward financial success. Financial surprises often seem to crop up at the most inopportune times — your car breaks down, you have an unexpected medical bill, your air conditioner needs to be replaced. All of these situations, paired with poor money habits or a lack of financial planning, can create a major hole in your budget, leaving you feeling scared or anxious about how you’re going to climb back out. But whether you have unexpected expenses, you spend above your means or you feel like you’re behind on saving for retirement, the key to finding stability is intention. Here, the financial and investment experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective walk through the steps anyone can take right now to start building a more financially stable future and why doing so is key to living the life you want. 

Seven Common Misconceptions People Have About Buying a Home

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Holding on to these beliefs could be holding you back from realizing your dreams. With high interest rates and even higher housing prices scaring many people away from the  thought of purchasing a home any time soon, strong narratives and beliefs around home buying in general continue to swirl around the cultural conversation. While some believe they’ll never be able to afford a home, others believe it’s the ultimate end goal and indicator of true financial success.  Though every person’s situation is unique, there are some common misconceptions people have about home buying that may be holding them back from realizing their true financial potential. Here, the financial and investment experts of Kiplinger Advisor Collective discuss seven of those misconceptions as well as the real truths behind these common beliefs.

Should Graduates Spend or Save Their Gift Money? 14 Strategies to Consider

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While graduating from school is a major milestone in your life, it's not the last big step you'll take in the months ahead. Preparing yourself for your future can take any number of pathways depending on your specific goals. But whether you'll be buying a new car, saving up for a home or delving into the stock market, there are a few key financial steps you can take that will help you achieve success. As noted leaders in the financial space, the members of Kiplinger Advisor Collective recommend taking one or more of the following actions with any money you may have received as a graduation gift. Doing so will help you start adulthood—and your financial future—off on the right foot.

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