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How To Apply

Please fill out the application below to get started. 

Our selection committee will review your application. If you meet the qualifications, you will receive an email response within 2 business days.

Note: The information you provide will ONLY be shared with our internal selection committee. Meeting membership criteria does not guarantee acceptance.

No MLM/direct sales, gambling, adult entertainment, adult websites, adult products, or cannabis companies are allowed. Certain types of marketing agencies who pose a conflict of interest such as link sellers or guaranteed media placements are not allowed. Certain cryptocurrency industry companies such as those attached to initial coin offerings (ICOs) are not allowed.

  • Senior finance executive including chief financial, accounting, or treasury officer
  • VP, senior VP, executive VP or head of finance or accounting
  • Controller, financial advisor, fund or wealth manager, or wealth management consultant
  • CEO, COO, president, managing or executive director, market president, or broker in the finance industry
  • Business founder/co-founder, founding or managing partner, or owner/co-owner in the finance industry

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