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Harmonizing Finances: Adam Kol, The Couples Financial Coach, and Kiplinger Advisor Collective

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Meet Adam Kol, a trailblazer in the realm of financial coaching, specializing in helping couples transition from financial strife to a harmonious partnership. Adam’s diverse background includes being not only a Certified Financial Therapist-I™ but also a Certified Mediator and Tax Attorney. His mission is clear: to bring clarity, teamwork, and peace of mind to couples navigating the intricate world of finance. Through his association with the Kiplinger Advisor Collective, Adam has found a community that not only supports his growth but also amplifies his impact on couples seeking financial harmony.

Adam's journey to becoming The Couples Financial Coach was spurred by a desire to work more closely with people, leveraging his expertise to make a tangible impact on their lives. Recognizing that money was the primary source of tension in relationships, he sought to apply his knowledge in economics, mediation, law, and financial services to help couples navigate this challenging terrain.

Today, Adam exclusively works with couples, a testament to his commitment to this transformative work. His expertise has garnered recognition, with features in esteemed publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, and CNBC. Additionally, he recently earned a spot among the Top 10 Relationship Coaches by

In the late stages of drafting his first book, Adam anticipates a profound impact. "I foresee my book making financial harmony and prosperity accessible to more couples at a lower price point. It will serve as another value-add for my clients, offering a different perspective than what I provide in sessions or my online curriculum. I hope it will increase my visibility, leading to new opportunities to assist even more couples."

Being a member of the Kiplinger Advisor Collective has proven invaluable to Adam. He attests, "Kiplinger Advisor Collective offers powerful monthly meetups where I get to learn from experts about how to expand my reach and grow my business. As the collective is focused on financial professionals, the advice is particularly helpful for me."

Adam's business growth has been marked by curiosity, courage, and creativity. He advises, "Continue to be curious, courageous, and creative. There is bound to be some trial and error, but aligned opportunities seem to find their way to people who operate with integrity vis-a-vis their core values. If you pursue certifications or other professional accomplishments, consider how well your prospective clients will understand them and how they fit in with your ideal elevator pitch and value proposition."

Being associated with the Kiplinger Advisory Collective has elevated Adam's standing in the financial industry. He notes, "Kiplinger is a powerful, well-respected company and brand, so being associated with the Kiplinger Advisory Collective has elevated the respect I receive from other financial professionals."

Adam's experience with the Collective has been enriched by connections with respected professionals, thanks to recommendations from fellow members. These collaborations are poised to foster mutual growth and learning, solidifying the Collective's role as a hub for meaningful connections.

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