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Jason Vitug: Pioneering Financial Wellness Through Storytelling

by Kiplinger Advisor Collective on

Phroogal Financial Wellness, founded by passionate financial storyteller Jason Vitug, has blossomed from a personal blog into a thriving training and education company. With a mission to enhance the financial well-being of employees through knowledge, access, and community, the company continues to evolve.

Financial Storytelling as a Catalyst:

"I started the company as a personal blog to share my financial story and offer tips to help others reach their goals and live their dreams. It has since evolved but continues to thrive in financial storytelling," Jason shares.

The journey began with a commitment to sharing personal experiences and financial insights. As the company evolved, its focus on financial storytelling remained central, connecting with individuals on a deeper level.

A Collective for Success:

Being part of Kiplinger Advisor Collective has proven instrumental in elevating the company's profile. Jason emphasizes, "It's important to be linked to reputable organizations and recognizable brands. Being part of Kiplinger Advisor Collective is helping me and my company stand out in the minds of executive leaders and decision-makers."

The collective has not only provided credibility but has fostered meaningful relationships within a community dedicated to mutual success. "I've enjoyed the relationships I've forged within the collective, leading to collaborations. We can reach our goals while supporting the goals of others. That is a true collective."

Innovating Financial Wellness:

The launch of their wellness academy, The Smile University, marks a significant milestone for Phroogal Financial Wellness. "I'm extremely excited about the launch of the academy. It's been the most requested service from clients," Jason shares.

This innovative offering goes beyond traditional financial wellness programs. It infuses education with an experiential and purposeful view on life, delving into the hopes and dreams behind the numbers. "We're not simply about talking financial goals; we go deeper with the hopes and dreams behind those numbers. This is going to be a game-changing move as it will allow us to scale and reach more people and enable us to work with more companies."

The Power of a Professional Network:

Reflecting on the journey, Jason shares, "My advice to anyone seeking to boost their credibility is to cultivate, nurture, and curate your professional network." He continues, "Being part of Kiplinger Advisor Collective makes it easier to connect with other professionals. Having them in my circle is proving to be an asset."

Strength in Recognition:

For a company dealing with executives and management leaders, the benefits of the collective are substantial. "The name recognition and the benefits of the collective are what drew me in. I look forward to using more of it," Jason affirms.

Being part of a highly credible community strengthens both Jason’s personal brand and his company's value proposition. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the mutual support found within Kiplinger Advisor Collective.

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