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Empowering Financial Futures: Chianté Jones' Journey with Kiplinger Advisor Collective

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The Founder and Financial Coach behind Dollars and Change, Chianté Jones, stands as a beacon of empowerment within the personal finance industry. Jones specializes in helping women navigate day-to-day money management while achieving their long-term financial goals and coaches her clients to confidently manage their money to have the financial security and freedom to live the life they want.

This dedication to her work and recognition of her leadership in the financial coaching world ultimately led to an invitation to become a founding member of Kiplinger Advisor Collective,  a community of like-minded leaders in personal finance. 

Building Bridges in the Finance Industry

As a founding member of Kiplinger Advisor Collective, Chianté appreciates connecting with finance industry peers who inspire her. "Joining as a founding member, being part of the community, it has been helpful being connected to other leaders in the personal finance space," Chianté states. Monthly calls and one-on-one conversations within the community provide opportunities to exchange ideas, learn about diverse service offerings, and foster meaningful relationships within and across social platforms.

Amplifying Expertise through Publications

Jones shares, "Prior to Kiplinger Advisor Collective, I had not been published in written media. This was my first opportunity to be able to put my thoughts out there and share my opinion. I really love sharing through the Expert Panels. It's a very easy way to be able to answer questions, give your thoughts on your perspective, and be published along with other leaders in the space.” Chianté emphasizes. 

Expanding Horizons

When discussing projects on the horizon, Jones shared that Dollars and Change is on the cusp of an exciting expansion; she is adding to her service offerings, aiming to support individuals with varying needs in efforts to have a broader impact, and subsequently reach a broader range of clients. Chianté believes that this strategic move will not only grow her business but also allow her to better serve her clientele at different points on their financial journey. 

Looking Forward

Chianté Jones' dedication to helping women achieve financial freedom and flexibility resonates deeply within her community. Being a Founding Member of Kiplinger Advisor Collective has amplified her impact on her sector of the finance industry. Through valuable connections, and thought leadership opportunities, Chianté is on a trajectory to transform even more lives with Dollars and Change.

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